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I am Lili Brooksby and welcome to my website. Here you can hopefully learn a little more about my horses and why I compete at dressage, as well as checking out the latest news. Please take alook at some of the teaching I offer & if you are interested find out more about me. Thank you for your support

My ambition is to become an International Grand Prix Dressage Rider, and I continually strive for perfection, working through the intense ranks of the fiercely competitive dressage world. Through this website I hope to attract sponsors who appreciate this unique early opportunity to generte great publicity through brand advertising to a highly elite audience, achieved by associating yourself with a champion of tomorrow. Please take a look at the sponsors page for more information.

I currently have two horses in full dressage work Silver Mercedes and Waikiki 21. The hope of course is to increase the amount of horses in work, and bring them up through the ranks. Did you know that a top level young horse can cost as much as a house? So all top equestrian riders around the world need the indulgence of far-sighted sponsors in order to win. I'm no exception and need your help.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site, please email me with any questions or enquiries