Lili Brooksby


About Me

Me on Silver Mercedes

Hi, I'm Lili Brooksby. Thank you for taking the time to look around my site. I have been riding since I was two years old, when my father foolishly first sat me on a pony. It seems a long time since I learnt to ride on 'Ginnie' in Kent. I begged my parents for a pony and was told that if I was still interested when I was ten, I could have one. So I got Gemma for my 9th Birthday. I still have her, she is now 40 years old and as nappy and vile as she was then

Never one to be put off, I moved onto my first horse, who I also still own, Polly. Although she is best at jumping, she was the one who first gave me some indication of dressage. Then along come Paddy.... who's story is told, alongside that of Waikiki's

Me & Chief Keeper of the Purse, Dad!

I hope to do well in dressage. I am very eager to learn, and lucky enough to have some very insightful trainers. For Paddy I work with Harry Payne, and for Waikiki, Richard and Gillian Davison.

Short term goals, have been achieved; I obtained my BHS stage three and AI, I also obtained a 2:1 from Nottingham University. Now they are to obtain my HGV licence (booked July 09!), my BHS stage four and return Waikiki to full competition (and also to please the man who first sat me on Ginny).